Founded in 1993, Original Artists is the premiere boutique literary agency in the entertainment industry. The Company’s mission is to  provide writers, writer-directors and directors with sophisticated development of their skills, cutting-edge career management and unparalleled access to producers, executives and talent. Company partners Jordan Bayer and Matt Leipzig are respected for their broad experience and sterling reputations. Their sales record of major motion picture scripts and television properties is among the best in the business.

Original Artists writer clients have sold over 100 spec screenplays and pitches and dozens of television pilots. They have been employed on assignment at all the major motion picture studios and premium cable networks. Director clients have worked for major and mini studios, and have had their work featured at all the major film festivals including Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and many others. The agency also specializes in facilitating financing for independent features and representing completed films for domestic distribution.

Mr. Bayer began his career at the William Morris Agency, and then segued to Lorimar Telepictures where he worked with Peter Chernin on  such projects as DRIVING MISS DAISY and RUNNING ON EMPTY. Before founding Original, he also worked as an exec at Price Entertainment and Sony and as an agent at ICM.

Mr. Leipzig broke into the entertainment industry at New Horizons Pictures, where he eventually ran development and production. He then worked at Price Entertainment and at Sony, where as Vice President of  Production he was involved with projects including BOYZ IN THE HOOD and MY GIRL. Subsequently, at Warner Brothers-based Jerry Weintraub
productions, he worked on THE AVENGERS, SOLDIER and OCEAN’S 11.